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Home Automation Solutions

An end-to-end home automation solution

There are seven stages of a typical advanced home automation project. Project Connection and our sister company AVD can take you through every stage of the project, from developing the scope of works to on-going support.

1. Develop scope of works
A detailed scope of works is the foundation of every successful home automation project. After discussing your requirements and aspirations AVD prepares the scope of works, taking into account your budget and aesthetic preferences, functionality, energy efficiency and future technological needs.

2. Design and documentation
After liaising with the architect and interior designer, AVD produces detailed specifications for all electrical and electronic works, complete plans showing the location of all services, and detailed schedules of cabling requirements and layouts.

The end result is a set of documents that includes:

  • All electrical layouts including power points, telephones, floor heating, towel rails, fans, pumps, etc.
  • Electronic systems layouts including audio visual, home theatre, security, access control, CCTV, etc.
  • Communications layouts including internet and telephone
  • Lighting layouts including zoning, switching and switch plate design
  • Systems distributions locations
  • Cable routing locations These documents are used by Project Connection to install the cabling in preparation for the home automation systems.

3. Cabling and infrastructure installation
At this stage, Project Connection installs the electrical, lighting, audio visual, communications and data cabling and infrastructure.

4. Project management
Throughout the cabling and infrastructure installation AVD supports and liaises with Project Connection, designers and other trades-people e.g. architects, builders, landscape architects, interior designers, plumbers and security contractors. It’s AVD’s job to help the designers, builders and contractors understand the exact requirements of the infrastructure and systems to be installed. This ensures the home automation systems are implemented to the highest standard.

5. Product selection and installation
This is the stage where final product selection is made under the agreed guidelines. Since the preceding stages may take many months it’s prudent to wait until the cabling and infrastructure is installed before selecting systems components. This means you can take advantage of technological advances that have occurred during the construction phase. Once selection has been made, the chosen system components are purchased, installed, programmed and commissioned. At the completion of this stage the entire home automation system is ready for handover.

6. Handover and tuition
Obviously it's crucial that you understand how to get the best from your home automation system. At this critical stage AVD hands over the finished system and explains its operation. Once you have lived in your new home for a while they can return to fine tune the system to better fit your lifestyle if necessary.

7. On-going support and maintenance
All our systems are tried and tested before handover. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, there can be occasional failures. So Project Connection and AVD offer a wide range of warranty and support options, from basic return to base warranty through to tailored maintenance agreements. We can also create a plan for systems upgrades, as and when you want them.


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