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Which electrical contractor should you choose to install your next home automation system?

Project Connection is an electrical contracting company that specialises in home automation projects. We work with architects, builders and other electrical contracting companies to create intelligent environments.

Don’t let this happen to you
Over the years we’ve been hired to rectify numerous home automation projects that have gone wrong. These clients have had to bear significant worry, costs and delays because the electrical contractor they initially chose wasn’t qualified for the task. That’s not good for the clients, the electrical contractors, or the architects that recommended them.

There are many issues to consider in order to complete a home automation project successfully. For instance, the quality of cabling and infrastructure installation has a profound effect on the performance of smart home technology and communications. If it isn’t done correctly, safety, functional and interference problems can arise.

There’s also design, documentation, commissioning and programming the system, and on-going support to be taken care of. To put it plainly, a home automation project is simply too complex and too great an investment to trust to a run of the mill electrician.

Electrical contractors are typically very professional operators who are good at what they do. But few have invested the time and expense required to become experts at home automation. That’s where we come in…

We’re home automation experts
Project Connection works almost exclusively on home automation projects. We’ve been installing home automation systems for over 10 years and our hard-won experience gives you the confidence we’ll get it right the first time.

Project Connection’s experienced team of electricians are fully trained and accredited installers for all the products we use. And all our work is guaranteed.

Who we work with
We work with architects and builders to create intelligent environments in new homes to the most exacting requirements and tastes. We also provide assistance to other electrical contractors when a project involves areas outside their fields of expertise.

Where to now?

From communications to intelligent lighting, we do it all. Check out our range of services.

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