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With over 25 years' experience in home automation services, Project Connection offers unrivalled electrical contracting services across Sydney.

We engineer high end electrical and home automation solutions, allowing you to connect with your environment like never before.

Connect with us, your environment, and everything else

Integrated Electrical Systems and Automation Solutions

The team at Project Connection specialises in creating intelligent, integrated smart home environments.

We provide home automation solutions for architects, builders and homeowners across Sydney. The systems we design provide unrivalled control, connectivity and efficiency for residential and commercial projects. Whether it’s a custom home or a high end office fit out, our end-to-end automation solutions can bring your space to life.

Bellevue Hill Residence Home Theatre Installation | Sydney

For home automation Sydney wide, Contact our team and let us take care of all the electrical and integration details.

Home automation systems that help you connect like never before

Luxury Home Automation Services in Sydney

Connect to your surroundings and design the perfect lifestyle with our home automation services. From home theatres to lighting controls, security systems and complete home automation solutions, we craft residential spaces unlike any other.

The team at Project Connection believes in putting the world at your fingertips. Our home automation services deliver one-touch controls to make your life more convenient, safe and comfortable.

We design solutions that simplify chores, automate routine tasks and ensure your home is perfect for your lifestyle. Whether it’s a renovation, new build or an update to an old system, we craft home automation solutions just for you when you work with a smart home electrician Sydney wide.

Hotel installation

Our Home Automation Services

Smart Home Installations

Our home automation services are delivered end-to-end. We handle complete smart home installations that can integrate every device, feature and piece of technology on your property.

Home Entertainment

Entertain in style with home theatres that transform your living room into a private cinema. Enjoy surround sound, perfect lighting and high definition picture, all with the convenience of automation.

Multiroom Audio

Get ready to take your music with you wherever you go. Our high end multiroom audio solutions deliver incredible sound to every corner of your home, so you can work and play in any space.

Lighting Control

Light up your world with smart lighting controls by Project Connection. With systems that can be controlled from your smartphone, you have the power to set the mood with a single touch.

Security & CCTV Systems

Protect your family with security systems, access controls and CCTV cameras by Project Connection. If you hear a bump in the night, our security solutions can keep your home safe and sound.

Energy Efficiency

Make your mark with a home automation system that cuts your carbon footprint down to size. Our smart systems integrate with energy saving features to reduce consumption without sacrifice.

Transform the way you work with commercial automation systems

Automation Solutions for Commercial Projects

Your workplace supports everything you do, so we make sure you have the tools you need. With advanced systems from leading brands, Project Connection designs commercial building automation systems that work harder than you ever imagined.

Project Connection is a team of fully trained and accredited electricians and technicians. Our automation systems are engineered for convenience, efficiency and connectivity, so we can transform the way you work and play.

By handling all electrical and electronics work in-house, we remove the risk of dealing with multiple contractors. That allows us to deliver unrivalled results for any commercial project you're envisioning.

End-to-end electrical contracting services unlike any other

About Project Connection

Project Connection has been engineering, designing and installing high end electrical solutions for more than 25 years. As a smart home installation company, we consistently strive to raise the bar and develop systems that offer functionality, efficiency and seamless connectivity. With each project delivered end-to-end by our team, you can rely on us to offer low risk, high quality results that are unique in the marketplace.

Trusted Supplier of High Quality Systems

Automate your home, automate your life

Home Automation Solutions for Every Lifestyle

Your world is smarter with home automation.

A single button press can dim the lights, play your favourite track and set the thermostat to the perfect temperature. This is what life is like with a home automation solution designed by Project Connection.

By upgrading to smart lighting, entertainment, network and security systems, we deliver connectivity that puts you in full control of your life. That’s convenient, and it also provides comfort and security that are unmatched by disconnected systems.

Whether you want to control lighting, blinds, entertainment, audio or something else entirely, our home automation services can simplify your life.

security system
home stair case

Control your world from the smartphone in your pocket

Home Automation and Smartphone Controls

Home automation systems are designed with convenience in mind. The home automation solutions we craft come with dedicated controls, and we can create systems that connect to apps on your smartphone.

We work with some of the world’s leading suppliers of home automation technology. That gives us access to devices compatible with Google Home, Apple Home, Amazon Alexa and other industry-leading ecosystems.

Our systems are designed to suit your lifestyle perfectly. Depending on how you use your smart home, working with a smart home consultant can deliver a solution that’s controlled by smartphone apps, voice commands, tablets, touch remotes and much more.

That means you will always be in control of your systems, even when you’re away from home.

Achieve more with automation solutions as unique as your lifestyle

Sydney’s Leading Home Automation Services

Project Connection is an electrical contractor specialising in home automation services that include installation, maintenance and end-to-end consulting.

The world of home automation is always evolving. It’s often challenging to design integrated solutions that make the most of the technology. That’s why our systems are designed from the ground up by an experienced team.

We’ve spent more than two decades providing home automation services, so our consultants can specify a solution that’s perfect for you, your property or your business.

Each of our installations is tailored to the client. We’ll collaborate with you throughout the project to gain a better understanding of how you use your spaces. Once we know what you need, our consultants can specify systems, devices and features that transform the way you live, work and play.

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We engineer, design and install integrated electrical and electronics systems across Australia. Contact us to book a consultation or to find out more about our unique electrical contracting and automation services.

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