Our Process

We’ve spent the past 25 years honing our process. This expertise ensures our commercial and home automation solutions deliver convenience, comfort and connectivity like never before.

How Our Smart Home Electricians Design

1. Consultation

The process begins when our smart home electrician visits your site for a consultation. We assess the property, discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

We have a thorough understanding of commercial and residential automation solutions, so we can recommend the best products for your environment.

2. Design

Our technicians engineer a custom solution for your project. We design smart home and building automation systems that incorporate the features, systems and products you have selected.

Your custom design includes control systems, wiring and every other component that will be needed to complete the installation.

3. Installation

With the design approved, our smart home electricians Sydney wide can carry out the installation. Our end-to-end process takes care of the hard work, including wiring, upgrades and component installation.

We use the highest quality systems and electrical components from brands we trust, so you can rely on your smart home for years to come.

4. Connection & Testing

Integrated smart homes often contain dozens of features that need to be connected and tested. A smart home electrician will ensure each system is ready for use, and carry out comprehensive tests of each function.

We will then program your smart home controls and set up your new devices according to your requirements.

5. Training

Every one of our projects comes with detailed documentation and thorough training. The Project Connection team will demonstrate each part of the system and show you how to control your new smart home features.

This part of the process also includes downloading smartphone apps, setting up voice commands and programming the system.

6. Ongoing Support

Our smart home electricians operate throughout Sydney. We take great pride in our work, and we are always nearby if you have questions about your new smart home system.

Depending on your needs, we can manage ongoing servicing and maintenance requirements. This ensures your systems are always in perfect condition and that they’re ready to support your new lifestyle.

7. Future-Proofing

We engineer commercial building automation and residential automation systems that evolve alongside your needs. If you want to upgrade the system, install new appliances or scale up and down, we can design home automation solutions to suit.

Talk to us about your goals for now and into the future, and we’ll make sure your automation systems have room to grow.