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Project Connection designs environments that offer unmatched productivity, comfort and efficiency. Our commercial building automation services deliver workspaces for every part of your business.

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We offer smart building automation solutions that help you get more from your commercial spaces. With a team of expert electricians, technicians and consultants, Project Connection can engineer environments that work hard, so you don’t have to.

Commercial spaces have a major impact on employees, customers, guests, productivity and efficiency. When you want to achieve more, our team creates environments with the advanced automation, lighting, security, access, efficiency and productivity features you need.

Whether you need a solution for a shopfront, office fit out or an entire commercial building, Project Connection delivers tailored commercial building automation solutions unlike any other.

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Our Commercial Building Automation Solutions

Electrical Works

Our commercial building automation solutions include all electrical works. From activating services to running data and power cabling, installing devices and engineering custom systems, we can use technology to bring any space to life.

Project Connection is made up of a team of experienced electrical contractors. We have the scale plan, execute and manage installations of every size. Whether it’s a small retail shop or an entire building, our team has the solution.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting is an integral part of every commercial space. Intelligent lighting design is critical to safety, productivity and efficiency, and the right lighting scheme can also serve as the perfect design centrepiece for your building.

We use state of the art lighting automation and control systems to manage all types of lighting. The flexibility of these systems can improve efficiency, extend the life of lighting installations, and support your productivity targets.

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Security & Access Control

Secure your commercial spaces and create a safer working environment with our security and access control systems. Our smart building automation solutions are suitable for all commercial and apartment buildings, healthcare facilities and more.

We design security and access controls that are flexible and scalable. If you need to keep track of employees, residents, guests, customers, visitors or anyone else, we can engineer a system that provides the control you need.

Boardroom and Conference Systems

Connect with your clients, employees and guests with an integrated boardroom and conference system. Designed to capture every detail of the next big presentation, an intelligent boardroom system ensures teams from all over the world are always in touch.

Our commercial building automation solutions include video conferencing, audio, presentation systems, televisions, lighting, projectors and controls, so we can make any meeting stand out.

CCTV Systems

Protect your property and manage the personnel onsite with custom CCTV systems by Project Connection. Designed to provide complete coverage and reliable data storage, our CCTV systems offer unmatched security.

Our CCTV systems are tailored to suit your building and property. We provide tailored solutions that offer coverage wherever it’s needed, and our expert consultants can design a system that delivers 24/7 peace of mind.

Energy Management

Drive power consumption to the lowest levels without sacrificing comfort. Our energy management systems put you in control of your power needs and make it easy to reduce or eliminate services when they are not in use.

Project Connection designs integrated systems that can control every electrical function in your building. Depending on your needs, our systems can interface with solar panels, batteries, lighting, HVAC, natural ventilation and much more.

Building Management Systems

Project Connection designs complete building control systems. Our custom engineered solutions allow you to centrally monitor and manage your lighting, solar, energy consumption, HVAC, sensors, security and much more.

We are specialists in commercial building automation and management. We support projects across Australia, so we can design management controls that suit your local environment and efficiency targets.

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Smart Building Automation Solutions

Commercial environments are some of the most challenging to manage. Smart building automation solutions are designed to simplify your world, and that can lead to incredible efficiencies. Automation is guiding the way as Australia’s commercial sector works towards a greener future. With smart technology, automated functions and powerful data collection, our solutions can make your spaces more effective than ever.

boardroom screen installation
Boardroom integrated television system

Project Connection has more than 20 years’ experience in commercial building automation. We operate a vertically integrated business model that allows us to take care of every part of the work. This eliminates the risk of dealing with multiple contractors and results in higher quality, improved integration and greater efficiencies.

With access to world-class technology and fully vertically integrated solutions, Project Connection can bring your next project to life. If you are constructing a new building, updating your premises or fitting out a location, we can tailor an automation solution that delivers the functionality you need.

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Our Commercial Service FAQs

How much does it cost to set up a smart office system?

The cost of smart office systems varies widely depending on the smart devices you want to include, the size of the office, the design and construction of the building, and your unique requirements.

Book a consultation with our team if you’d like to know how much it would cost to design and install a smart office system for your workplace.

How long does it take to install a smart office system?

It’s impossible to say how long it takes to install a smart office system. The installation time depends on the size, scale and complexity of the system, as well as which devices and features you would like to include.

For instance, it may only take a few days to upgrade your boardroom to feature smart conferencing and presentation devices. However, it would take much longer to upgrade a large office with smart conferencing, lighting, access controls and energy management technology.

Can I get a smart office system retrofitted?

Yes. Smart office systems can be retrofitted into almost any commercial space. The limitation is usually the office’s existing wiring and networking infrastructure, as well as the construction of the building.

Older brick buildings present a challenge when installing and upgrading wiring. While it’s possible to retrofit a smart system to this type of building, it requires more installation and finishing work, which can increase the cost of the project.

How does a smart office make my business more efficient?

Smart offices simplify and improve communication, access to resources, time management, energy consumption and employee fatigue.

The right smart office system can make an impact in small ways, such as making it easier to communicate core ideas with coworkers (especially in remote and hybrid environments). But smart office systems can also make a bigger impact through climate control and energy management.

Research has shown that the temperature of an office can have a significant impact on productivity. Installing smart controls that can maintain optimal temperatures may improve productivity by as much as 20%.

On top of productivity improvements, a smart office system can also reduce energy consumption, which helps to manage your expense per square metre.

Can I add business automation devices to an existing system?

Yes, in many cases it is possible to add automation devices to your existing networks and systems. If your office already contains some smart features, like boardroom conferencing devices, we may be able to integrate those devices when expanding your system.

Whether we can work with existing building automation devices depends on each individual system. Newer devices are often easy to integrate when upgrading or expanding your building automation system. Older systems may not be compatible with newer technologies, and it may be more cost-effective to replace existing devices in some cases.