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Smart Home Installation

Project Connection offers high end electrical contracting and smart home automation Sydney wide. We support construction and renovation projects across Sydney, creating living spaces that are totally unique.

Spaces designed for connectivity, comfort and convenience

Sydney’s Smart Home Installation Experts

We specialise in crafting smart homes that support every part of your life. Our experienced team blend advanced skills with leading technology to offer complete automation solutions that suit all residential properties.

Project Connection partners with architects, designers, builders and homeowners to design smart homes from the ground up. By combining intelligent design, advanced systems and the latest in automation devices, we bring to life any home with a carefully planned and executed smart home installation.

From smart lighting and entertainment through to complete smart home installations, Project Connection can transform your lifestyle with tailored automation solutions.

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Our Residential Electrical Contracting Solutions

Electrical Works

Our end-to-end residential projects include all electrical works. We are equipped to install network and power cabling, lighting schemes, smart devices, control systems and everything else your intelligent space needs.

Engaging our experienced electrical contractors is the best way to design truly smart homes. Whether it’s a home theatre or a complete smart home installation, our systems are integrated into your space seamlessly.

Smart Home Automation

Get more from your property with a complete home automation system. Compatible with your lighting, entertainment, HVAC and electrical systems, our automation solutions can maximise the liveability of any space.

At the press of a button you can set the AC temperature, close the blinds, automate appliances and home entertainment. To create the ultimate convenience and luxury, home automation is the solution you’re looking for.

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Bellevue Hill Residence Home Theatre Installation | Sydney

Home Theatre Systems

Enjoy the cinema experience at any time with a high end home theatre system. Designed to combine incredible viewing experiences with custom audio systems, our home theatres put you in the heart of the action.

We provide complete home theatre installation. Our smart home installation team are the experts in home automation Sydney wide and can specify televisions, projectors, screens, audio systems and automated lighting to bring the big screen into your very own living room.

Multiroom Audio

Connect to your entertainment and enjoy your favourite movies and music with a multiroom audio system. Engineered to deliver sound to every corner of your home, our audio systems are an immersive experience.

Project Connection designs multiroom audio solutions that blend performance, function and style. This means our systems provide incredible sound and can serve as a stunning design centrepiece.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control systems are compatible with LEDs, incandescent, fluoro and halogen lights. Whether you want to set the mood, light your workspace or save power, a smart lighting system provides seamless control.

We also combine smart lighting with automation to make your system work even harder. Controlled by touch and voice commands, smart lighting can wake you up, welcome you home and set the tone for every part of your life.

CCTV Systems

Project Connection designs complete CCTV systems that can monitor your home and family. Customised to suit your property, our CCTV systems offer security and reliability 24/7, even when you’re away from home.

Our CCTV systems are tailored to suit your property. We place cameras and sensors to provide comprehensive coverage of your home, inside and out, offering peace of mind that your home is always being monitored.

Intercom Systems

Enjoy the convenience of one-touch connectivity with an intercom system designed by our team. With options including video, voice and door controls, our intercoms can put you in charge from anywhere in the world.

Our intercom systems connect to smart home controls and smartphone apps. They can be set up to send notifications and video feeds any time someone approaches your door, so you’ll never miss a visitor or a delivery. This type of connectivity can also be integrated into a range of smart building automation solutions for commercial buildings and offices.

Security & Access Control

Keep track of everyone who comes and goes with a custom security and access control system from our team. Designed to protect your home, our security and access controls ensure you’re always in charge of your property.

We can design systems that use PIN access, swipe cards and other keyless access protocols. That provides endless flexibility to manage visitors, issue temporary access and keep your family safe.

Residential Electrical Contractors & Home Automation

Automate every part of your life

Smart Home Automation Sydney

With an intelligent system from Project Connection, a single button press can dim the lights, shut the blinds and hit play on your favourite playlist. And that’s just the beginning.

Smart home technology is transforming the way we live, work and play. The right combination of smart home devices can automate every part of your life. You’ll never have to worry about checking doors and windows, turning off lights or setting up for a party – your smart home’s automation will take care of the details.

As home automation installers Sydney wide, Project Connection has been designing smarter homes for over 20 years. Our experience allows us to engineer solutions unique to your lifestyle.

Whether you are designing a new build, renovating an existing home or planning a major development, our solutions deliver lifestyle opportunities unlike any other.

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Our Residential Service FAQs

How much does it cost to set up a smart home?

The cost of setting up a smart home system depends on the features you want to include and the labour involved with installation.

For instance, installing a smart lighting system is a relatively straightforward project. However, if you wanted a complete energy management system that includes smart lighting, appliances, solar panels, etc., the cost of the project would increase.

Your total quote also varies based on the installation requirements. Some smart home systems and devices require dedicated wiring and network connections. If your home doesn’t have appropriate wiring, our team would have to install them as part of your project.

How long does it take to install a smart home system?

It’s impossible to say how long it takes to install a smart home system. The time it takes depends on the size of your home, the complexity of the smart home features you want to include, and whether any additional installation work is required.

Can I get a smart home system retrofitted?

Yes. It’s possible to retrofit a smart home system in an older property or existing home.

Most smart home devices require a connection to power and to your home’s network. Our smart home installers can retrofit appropriate wiring and network connections in almost any property.

For much older properties, we may recommend additional upgrades to your electrical system to support your new smart home installation.

How does a smart home make my life easier?

A smart home makes your life easier by allowing you to control your home using a smart device from anywhere in the world.

You’ll never have to get out of bed to check that you locked the front door. You won’t need to search for remote controls for TVs and other appliances. The garden will water itself. The blinds will automatically keep out the midday sun. You can wake up to your favourite music every day. And all of this can be controlled and programmed from the smartphone that’s always in your pocket.

Can I add new smart home devices to an existing system?

Yes. Project Connection designs smart home systems that can be expanded and upgraded in the future.

Designing an upgradable smart home is one of the trickiest parts of developing a system. There are many brands producing smart home products. Most manufacturers have their own ecosystems, so our job is to create a system that is cohesive, upgradable and expandable, even as the technology evolves.

We work with brands and products that offer industry-leading longevity and interconnectivity. Our technicians design systems that can evolve alongside your family, ensuring you’ll get years of comfort and convenience from your smart home devices.